Armbrust Dance, Tumbling, and Martial Arts

Kids develop many of their habits early in life, and it’s important to make sure they develop active and healthy lifestyles they’ll be able to maintain for the rest of their lives. The benefits to activities like tumbling classes, dance classes, and martial arts are far greater than just physical health. They provide kids with guidance and life lessons about playing with others and developing discipline, all while having fun in a safe environment.

YMCA of Greater Omaha martial arts classes provide kids the confidence that comes from learning and applying themselves to a skill. Tumbling classes allow children to let loose and expend energy in a safe, controlled environment. Dance classes combine the discipline of martial arts classes with the fun of tumbling, allowing children to express themselves in a fun, new way. Help your child develop their potential and learn healthy habits today!

At the Armbrust YMCA we offer a variety of dance classes to help your children experience different types of rhythm and movement! Below are our current offerings:

ClassAgesDaysTimesMember PriceNon-Member Price
Itty Bitty Ballet3-4Mondays5:00-5:30 pm$95$165
Combo Ballet/Tap5-7Mondays5:35-6:20 pm$95$165
Hip Hop7-12Mondays6:25-7:10 pm$95$165

Dance Recital Fee $25

Follow the link below to register for available classes.

Students will learn balance, strength, motor control and flexibility in an engaging atmosphere. Participants receive an introduction to foundation gymnastics skills.

ClassAgesDaysTimesMember PriceNon-Member Price
Tumbling Stars3-5Wednesdays5:35-6:05 pm$48$72
Tumbling5-8Wednesdays6:10-6:55 pm$48$72

Follow the link below to register for available classes.

Students will progress through the program at their own pace while earning the opportunity to test for belt ranks.

Taekwondo8+Tuesdays6:30-7:15 pm$40/month$65/month
Taekwondo8+Thursdays6:30-7:15 pm$40/month$65/month
Taekwondo8+Tues/Thurs6:30-7:15 pm$55/month$95/month
Tiny Tiger Taekwondo5-7Tuesdays5:45-6:30 pm$40/month$65/month
Tiny Tiger Taekwondo5-7Thursdays5:45-6:30 pm$40/month$65/month
Tiny Tiger Taekwondo5-7Tues/Thurs5:45-6:30 pm$55/month$95/month

Follow the link below to register online for available sessions.