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Click the links below to download available Armbrust YMCA schedules. Please contact your local YMCA or send a message to mdewispelare@metroymca.org with any questions. 

Fitness Schedule

Big Gym Schedule

Pool Schedule

Y-Care Schedule

Sports Schedules

The YMCA of Greater Omaha has a new sports hotline: 402-661-7150. Please call this number for information about game cancellations and field conditions.

Winter Basketball

Pre-K (ages 3-4)

Kindergarten LG 1

Kindergarten LG 2

Kindergarten LG 3

1st Grade Boys LG 1

1st Grade Boys LG 2

1st Grade Girls

2nd Grade Boys LG 1

2nd Grade Boys LG 2

2nd Grade Girls

3rd Grade Boys LG 1

3rd Grade Boys LG 2

3rd Grade Girls

4th Grade Boys

4th Grade Girls

5th Grade Boys

5th & 6th Grade Girls

6th Grade Boys LG 1

6th Grade Boys LG 2

7th Grade Boys LG 1

7th Grade Boys LG 2

7th & 8th Grade Girls

8th Grade Boys

9th & 10th Grade Boys

11th & 12th Grade Boys LG 1










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